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Wireless Internet – The Good and the Bad

This new mode of accessing the internet has proven to be quite a hit because of the utmost convenience that it has offered to its users so far. Compared to the traditional dial-up or even DSL connection, Wi-Fi is usable by not only a single user, but it can be accessed by a number of users all at the same time without the need for adding more wires to the system. Wi-Fi is also simpler to access compared to dial-up or DSL connection. All you need is a Wi-Fi capable laptop, cellular phone, handheld device, etc. (they must have built-in systems that can detect internet signal therefore allowing the owner to be able to connect) and you can go anywhere, any place that offers a Wireless internet Access, and you can position yourself within that hotspot and be able to easily connect to the internet without much fuss.Even at home, it is possible to set up Wireless internet Access and this will make it possible for any family member to connect to the internet without the need of adding wires. With Wireless internet Access, those of you within your home covered by the range of connectivity can share this connection being broadcasted. There are issues sometimes of outsiders like neighbors being able to access the connection. This is because sometimes, depending on the locations of two homes, a part of the range of connectivity overlaps with an area that is close by. Sometimes the people in this area are not necessarily part of the main paying clients (the ones paying for the wireless internet connection) and may even add to the bandwidth consumption that may slow down the connection. To avoid cases like these, some Internet service providers add a password requirement before access to the connection can be allowed. In this case, only the legal clients will be given the password and therefore access to the connection. As for those who can detect the connection but are not legal clients, without the correct password, their access to the LAN will be denied.Another convenient feature of wireless internet access is that like Internet cafes that used to function through dial-up or DSL systems, there are now also areas scattered everywhere that offer wireless internet access, also called public hot spots. With your own Wi-Fi capable device, you can go to these hot spots and be able to connect and use the internet at your own pace. What makes it even more convenient is that most of these public hot spots also offer food, coffee, and the like. You can relax, have food and drinks, cruise the internet, check your email, do your research work, or even play online games using your own computer. You can remain updated even when outside your home by just these means, or even with just your Wi-Fi capable phone or handheld device as long as they’re also equipped with Web browsers.Not all of these public hot spots are for free. In the past, most of them were; however as popularity increased, Wireless internet Access has also been turned into a commodity. There are still some areas though that offer free Wireless internet Access for guests or inhabitants.The only problem with wireless internet access is that the farther a client is from the main hub, the feebler the signal becomes. This happens because radio waves become distorted the longer the distance from the transmitter of the signal to the receiver.That is why there are specific areas that are constructed for these particular purposes. These hot spots are the places that receive the strongest amount of signal from the wireless internet service provider and this is where people can assemble for their wireless internet needs.